Suan Kim  김수안

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    -By Catriona Warren

    “How do you capture the soul of a light switch, a laptop screen or a £10 note?”
    Ask Suan. Her interpretations of inanimate everyday objects, usually rendered actual size, seek to describe how those things make her feel rather than what they look like. Thus a packet of cigarettes reverberates with sort of talismanic energy, while her suitcase-representative of her long journey from Korea to study in London- has an almost palpable sadness about it.

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    “I paint everyday objects. The things that I see and use every day are transformed by a humble vision into a fantasy landscape or space. I try to read the objects as a portal through which I can see another world. I try to communicate sense and feeling through an object.”
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Next Door Gallery 옆집갤러리

갤러리 / 현대미술/ 서울시 종로구 창성동/ 미술품 전시 및 판매
2008/12/19 16:25 2008/12/19 16:25