Jaewon Hwang  황재원
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  • Born in 1984 in Seoul, Korea
    Lives and works in Seoul, Korea


    2013  MFA; Ceramics, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul
    2008  BFA; Arts & Crafts, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul

    Solo Exhibitions

    2015  Hwang Jae-Won Solo Exhibition: FFanG's World, Next Door Gallery, Seoul
    2012  Hwang Jae-Won Solo Exhibition: FFanG's World, Tong-In Gallery, Seoul
    2012  Hwang Jae-Won Solo Exhibition: FFanG's World, Missmac Gallery, Seoul
    2011  Santorini Seoul Competition- Baton Pass 'FFanG’s World,’ Gallery Santorini, Seoul
    2011  Tong-In Gallery New Work Artist Competition, Tong-In Gallery, Seoul


    Selected Group Exhibitions

    2014  Spirit Level, Next Door Gallery, Seoul
    2013  The Purpose of Symbiotic, Meaning of Mutual Sense_Confession, Gallery Jung, Yongin
    2012  Start Craft-K in Seoul, Ara Art Center, Seoul
    2012  Asia International Ceramic Design Exhibition - Cup' Oriental Image, Korea Craft&Design Foundation, Seoul
    2011  2011 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennial- CeraMIX Life Exhibition, Bandal Museum, Yeojo-gun
    2011  Yongsan 2nd Sookmyung Exhibition, Yongsan Art Center, Seoul
    2011  2011 Special Exhibition of Ceramix Creativity Museum- Popping Popping Play Ceramics, Ceramix Creativity Museum, Ceramix Hall, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Icheon-city
    2011  2011 The Sookmyung Artist Group Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
    2010  Doll Contest 2010- Six Kinds of Expressions, CROWN・HAITAI Qualia Gallery, Seoul
    2010  Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
    Sookmyung Ceramic Show, Chung-pa Gallery, Sookmyung Women's University

  • 2009  Asia Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition- Exchange Exhibition of New Generation, Aichi Ceramic Art Museum, Aichi, Japan
    2008  The Sookmyung Ceramic Artist Group Exhibition, Coex, Seoul)
    2008  The 2nd Exhibition of New Generation, 36.5°Ceramic, Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery, Yeoju

    2010  Bronze prize, Doll Contest 2010 - Six Kinds of Expressions
    2008  36.5°Ceramic - The 2nd Exhibition of New Generation

    Art Fairs
    : Doors Art Fair (2015), Doors Art Fair (2013), Art Kaohsiung-Taiwan (2013), Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (2012), International Craft Trend Fair (2010)

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